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Apr 9, 2013
@ 11:50 pm
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Whenever I go to watch a movie with someone and they choose “full screen” over “wide screen,” I die a little inside.

  1. melgibsonsjesus said: there was a time in my life when if people would ask what I was passionate about, all I could think of to say was “aspect ratio”
  2. burbanked said: But ultimately it’s a good thing, right, because you then cut these people out of your life forever?
  3. satisfactual said: you should seriously consider reevaluating your friendships with these people
  4. distantly said: I mean…but they’re cutting part of the film off at each side??
  5. savagecoda said: I’ve started fights over it, if widescreen is an option (and it should always be the only option) THEN IT MUST BE THE ONE WE WATCH.
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